Upcoming Presentation featuring Najah Roberts of Crypto Blockchain Plug

Applied Knowledge is Power....

Najah's presence in the crypto arena is inspiring. Mining to the Moon's mission is to help spread the knowledge needed to understand crypto and to support entrepreneurs who are helping the community. That's why our founders reached out to Najah's company to schedule this upcoming Crypto 101 Live Zoom presentation for our family and friends. 

We have been seeing a lot of "programs" pop up in this bull market. In 2017 we were burned because we were newbies and hard headed. Four years later we want to share the knowledge and hopefully prevent someone else from taking that path.

Evalio invested time and money in his crypto education over the past four years - Mining to the Moon's mission is to share that education - if we help ONE person learn about Bitcoin and Blockchain tech by hosting these events, that is one life changed, but our goal is to help many by sharing resources from where we learned.


Join us this Thursday April 15th at 7:00PM - Zoom details are posted in our group.

Join our community: https://miningtothemoon.mn.co/

Watch her interview on ABC 7 below! 

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